To this end a regional training course on internal quality assurance (TrainIQA) has been developed under ASEAN-QA which aims at preparing QA officers to become multipliers in the field of IQA at their universities. TrainIQA is based on a set of five modules with a strong practical focus, mainly concerned with tools and procedures of QA, curriculum design and revision, change management and linkages between quality management and higher education management. The course will be accompanied by an online module on data-based information management, data sharing and reporting.

TrainIQA is coordinated by the Centre for Quality Development of the University of Potsdam which hosts the ASEAN-QA Secretariat. Any questions related to the Call and the training course can be addressed to



The Call for Application is open since 27th of May and the deadline for submission has been extended to July 31st.

Application Forms:

  1. 1. Application form (incl. curriculum vitae; see PDF form);
  2. 2. Draft Project Proposal (PAP) (see  PDF form);
  3. 3. Letter of motivation (1-2 pages; see PDF form);
  4. 4. Letter of commitment to TrainIQA submitted and signed by the university leadership (see example letter), including 1) a statement that the candidate will participate in all parts of the training and a statement that the leadership supports the project and where it sees the relevance of the project proposal for the university, 2) a confirmation regarding the availability of the VP / DVCs in charge of QA and/or Academic Affairs to attend the High Level Information Visit which will be carried out from November 17-21, 2014 in Potsdam, Germany.
  5. 5. Contact data of VP / DVCs in charge of QA (see attached PDF form)
  6. 6. Organisational chart of the university indicating the unit(s) in charge for QA



 Application deadline

  July 20th, 2014

Results of the selection by ASEAN-QA Secretariat

Approx. End of August, 2014

Invitations High Level Information Visit

Mid-September, 2014

High Level Information Visit, Potsdam (Germany)


Workshop I, SoutheastAsia


Workshop II, Potsdam/Bonn (Germany)

27.- 7.-05.08.2015

Workshop III, Southeast Asia


Final conference, Southeast Asia

February 2016



The applicants...

  • * should be current or designated QA officers or senior university managers responsible for QA with proven knowledge and experience. (In case no such positions exist yet, universities can appoint a person and state this in the application)
    * should be in office for a minimum of 3 years.
    * should hold at least a Master’s degree.
    * need to have fluent English skills, both written and spoken.
    * have to be available to attend all parts of the course.
    * should be employed on long-term contracts that go beyond the project ending in March 2016.
    * should preferably have at least 5 years until retirement.